Aotearoa New Zealand’s coastline is a beautiful, fragile, diverse, complex system whether you look at it from a social, biological, physical or cultural perspective. We are lucky that we have many dedicated people working to protect our coastlines. Resources, training and networking opportunities are best found at the NZ Coastal Society.

New Zealand Coastal Society

Stabilise Dune Systems

Dune stabilisation is a method of coastal management used to slow sand dune erosion rates. Healthy sand dunes can provide habitat for specialised species while also protecting inland areas from erosion and wave energy by reducing the movement of water and coastal sediments.

Coastal Risk Assessment

The PCE - Preparing New Zealand for Rising Seas: Certainty and Uncertainty underlined the necessity for detailed coastal risk assessments to ensure that climate-resilient communities are created in light of the increased coastal erosion.

Maintain Estuary form

Estuaries are areas where the terrestrial and marine habitats converge. The form of estuaries differs whether they are completely exposed to tidal fluctuations or partially or completely confined by land barriers. An estuary's physical characteristics influence what species can survive there, therefore managing an estuary is crucial to ensuring the survival of flora and fauna. The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 is the primary policy applicable to providing estuaries management.