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NZARM's new Capability Assessment Tool - CAT - is an independent, online assessment that provides individuals with a personalised capability profile, helping professionals set the direction for their career growth.

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You can then access your own capability profile page and make the most of free NZARM services until April 2025*

Your capability profile demonstrates your calculated capability across 12 capability areas. Each ‘ray’ of the sunburst diagram represents each capability area. The capability ray is calculated from three components which are weighted based on feedback from user testing, see the diagram below.

Capability Assessment Tool - NZARM
  • Completing the CAT assessment will provide NZARM with the information needed to build a comprehensive directory of qualified experts, facilitating seamless connections between those seeking specialised skills and the professionals equipped to provide them.
  • For Government, Organisations, and Regional Councils - By participating in NZARMs project, you will gain access to a detailed overview of your current capabilities across 12 capability areas, helping to identify region-specific gaps and work collaboratively to address them. In the short term, this will particularly focus on building regional capacity to deliver farm plans.
  • For Consultants - Utilise the Capability Assessment Tool (CAT) to showcase your expertise. The CAT provides a robust view of your individual capabilities, allowing you to stand out in a competitive landscape.
  • For Land Managers and Farmers - NZARMs upcoming searchable SkillFinder, set to launch in early 2024, will revolutionise how you find qualified professionals. Easily connect with experts who align with your specific needs, making the process of managing and enhancing your land more efficient than ever.

NZARM is building training opportunities in freshwater management and targeted competency areas. We can match individuals with mentors and training courses to share knowledge and experience to grow Aotearoa New Zealand's capacity.

User guide

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NZARM Capability Development Project

NZARM is engaged in a $1.3m project to build New Zealand's capability in natural resource management, to ensure we have a highly capable and qualified sector.

The project seeks to understand current capability and any region-specific gaps, and to address those gaps.

The wide ranging project includes an online assessment tool to help individuals assess and improve their own capability.

Future developments in 2024 will include a skills finder section to find qualified professionals.

NZARM CAT is funded by MfE for all applicants. Completing the CAT gives you free access to NZARM services until April 2025.

Background and overview

With the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPS-FM) heralding a new era in farm and pastoral land management, farmers and growers around the country need access to skill sets to help them manage environmental risks from their activities and support improvements to natural ecosystems.

To build capability and capacity in New Zealand freshwater management, NZARM has earned $1.3 Million in government and regional council funding over three years from the Essential Freshwater Fund (EFF), part of the Jobs for Nature programme. The EFF supports implementation of the Essential Freshwater reforms by investing in capability and capacity across the spectrum of roles associated with the freshwater management system.

NZARM is partnering with the Ministry for the Environment and regional councils in a capability-building programme spanning 2022 to 2025 to support upskilling across the sector to meet demand. We'll do this by matching resource management professionals with new training opportunities, building a knowledge hub, and linking farmers and growers with the freshwater management expertise they need.

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