NZARM Conference 2024

From Mountains to the Sea

NZARM in the Horizons Region will provide an interactive learning experience across the wider resource management sector. We aim to connect policy, science, implementation, and community.

Te toto o te tangata, he kai

Te oranga o te tangata, he whenua

While the food provides the blood in our veins,

Our health is drawn from the land.

Key Details

Date: 12 - 14 November 2024

Location: Conference Centre, Main Street, Palmerston North

Field Trips: Field Trip A Pohangina Catchment and Field Trip B Lower catchments

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Field Trip A: Pohangina Catchment

This is a dynamic catchment in the Ruahine Ranges. It is characterized by steep terrain, with mixed geology and high sediment movement. Land use is varied with deer, sheep, beef, dairy, forestry, lifestyle and catchment protection.

Key themes

  • Understanding landforms and matching land use to land type
  • Erosion control techniques
  • River management
  • Catchment communities

Field Trip B: Lower catchments

We take in the lower Manawatū (downstream of Pohangina) and Lake Horowhenua catchments. Here we look at competing demands in high value landscapes (roading, urban development, horticulture, vegetable growing). We look at the impacts of these competing uses in sensitive receiving environments and explore policy responses to protect the environment.

Key themes

  • Versatile soils and protecting them through policy and regulation
  • Intensive landuse in sensitive receiving catchments
  • High cost mitigations (wetlands, sediment traps, weed harvesting)
  • Partnering with manawhenua and getting expectations and settings right
  • Sand country - a landform lost?
  • Regenerative agriculture, will it lead to a lower environmental footprint.