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Intensive Winter Grazing Key Documents:

FAQ: Intensive Winter Grazing Rules


Letter to Minister Parker From The Chair of LGNZ - August 2021

Intensive Winter Grazing Report to Minister Parker From LGNZ - November 2021


Letter to Minister Parker From The Chair of LGNZ - November 2021

Intensive Winter Grazing Report to Minister Parker From LGNZ - November 2021

Letter to Minister Parker From The Chair of LGNZ - May 2022
Intensive Winter Grazing Report to Minister Parker From LGNZ - May 2022


Getting Ready For Next Season's Winter Grazing

 Events Coming Soon to Help with Preparation for Next Season

 Winter Grazing Plans: Use These Templates This Spring to Help Your Planning

 Preparing For Winter Grazing - Advice From Beef + Lamb NZ

 Spring, an Important Part of Successful Wintering: Choosing The Right Paddocks is Key - Advice From DairyNZ

Consenting for Winter Grazing

 Key consenting Information

 The South's First Winter Grazing Consent (Courtesy of Dairy News)

Winter Grazing in the News

 Major Media Stories for Winter 2021

Key Winter Grazing Information

 Key Consultation Documents

 Consultation: Opportunities to engage -Freshwater farm plans, stock exlcusion (low slope map) & intensive winter grazing

Useful Video, Slides and Q&A from the IWG Rural Professional Webinar

 IWG Report to Minister Parker - 1 August 2021

 Consultation Documents out now: Freshwater Farm Plan and Stock Exclusion Low Slope Map 

 Winter Grazing Groups 2021

 Expectations and Opportunities

→ Joint Approach to Winter Grazing Guidance Continues in Southland

→ Using Satellite Imagery to Determine the Extent of Winter Grazed Land

→ Achieving Good Animal Welfare Outcomes in Winter Grazing

→ Aparima, Southland: Farmer Survey 

Critical Source Area Management is Key

How Do You Become the Trusted Source of Information?

NZARM's Role in Intensive Winter Grazing

Winter Grazing Newsletter - We want to hear from you

Wintering Events & Extension

→ DairyNZ

→ Beef+Lamb NZ

→ Thriving Southland 

→ Wintering Events Winter 2021

→ AgResearch Winter Grazing Seminars

Winter Grazing Tools

→ Wintering Module

→ Winter Grazing Checklist

→ Horizons Regional Council Trifecta of Tools

→ Environment Southland's New IWG App

→ PAMU (Landcorp) IWG app

Resources for Farmers

Winter Grazing Information - We want to hear from you

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NZARM co-ordinating intensive winter grazing - 30 May 2021

With intensive winter grazing (IWG) being in the spotlight right now, many organisations have mobilised into action. There is significant effort from councils, industry organisations and central government focussed on supporting uptake of good management practices and help ensure that environmental and animal welfare outcomes are being met. 

NZARM is to provide a central coordination role to provide clarity on wintering activities, timelines and events to help improve efficiency across organisations working on wintering practices. We are pleased to take on this coordination role.

The co-ordination role

NZARM is to provide support and coordination to the various organisations involved in IWG and take ownership for establishing connections and facilitating communication between stakeholders. NZARM will directly communicate out to stakeholders to provide clarity, support the aggregation and reporting of information and be a central point for IWG related queries. NZARM’s role does not include delivering on IWG targets, nor will we overlap any of the great work being done already. We want to provide as much value to the organisations working on IWG as possible.

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