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About the Magazine

It is produced 3-4 times a year and contains news about members activities, short articles, as well as longer technical reports. Advertising of job vacancies and other items is also possible.

We welcome your contributions to Broadsheet.  They can be snippets about members activities, events and technical articles. The idea is to include information that would be of benefit to members in other regions.  Just send ideas and articles to

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Archived issues

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Broadsheet Advertising

Advertising policy

The NZARM executive committee agreed in 2010 to a policy of allowing some advertising in the Broadsheet.

Any advertising submitted to the Broadsheet editor for publishing will be assessed to decide on whether the content is tasteful and accurate and in accord with the aims and philosophy of NZARM. Furthermore no advertorial style content will be accepted.

Please forward any advertising material directly to the Broadsheet editor or to your regional representative prior to the closing date of submissions of the next Broadsheet issue; generally April, August and December.

Full details of the Broadsheet advertising policies and requirements will be available on the NZARM website.

The cost structure for advertising content is supplied below.

Type of advert Member Non-Member
Business Card $15 $30
Quarter Page $50 $100
Half Page $100 $200
Job Vacancies $50 $50


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