Soil Conservation Technical Handbook

The Soil Conservation Handbook has now been published, and is available as a series of downloadable files which can be found HERE

The Soil Conservation Technical Handbook is a comprehensive collection of knowledge about soil conservation in New Zealand. It is useful for anyone interested in understanding erosion processes and wanting to learn more about preventing and rehabilitating sites.

Part A looks at the main erosion types and processes as well as discussing the principles of control.

Part B looks at soil conservation practices and factors that will impact on their effectiveness.

Soil erosion problems are complex, this Handbook does not give recipes to solve them. It provides an understanding of what soil conservation practices can achieve so the reader can tailor their programme for their environment.

 Soli Conservation

The Broadsheet newsletter

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Broadsheet is the official newsletter of NZARM.

It is produced approximately 3 times a year and contains news about members activities, short articles, as well as longer technical reports.

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Land Use Capability Handbook

The LUC handbook introduces the methods and standards of the Land Use Capability (LUC) system. LUC has been used in New Zealand to help achieve sustainable land development and management on individual farms, in whole catchments, and at the district, region, and the national level since 1952.

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The New Zealand Poplar and Willow Trust

The NZ Poplar and Willow Trust develops adaptable planting materials (poplar & willow), provides technical support and promotional information to assist landowners to reduce soil erosion, lower sediment transfer off farm, and improve water quality. They also have a great range of informative videos.

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The DairyNZ Riparian Planner

Creating a riparian management plan to fence, plant and protect waterways is now easy with DairyNZ’s online tool. Supported by Regional Councils throughout New Zealand.

Map out your farm's waterways and get all the costs and tasks around fencing, planting and maintenance in one handy plan.

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