NZARM Membership

What are the membership criteria?

There are four classes of membership; ordinary member, corporate member, retired member or honorary member. Candidates for ordinary membership must be involved in, or have an interest in the philosophy, science or practice of resource management. Candidates for corporate membership must be an organisation whether formally constituted or not, that has an interest in resource management.  Applications for ordinary or corporate membership must be approved by the Executive Committee.

The constitution also provides for honorary members, who have given outstanding service to the philosophy, science, or practice of resource management.  NZARM currently has 10 honorary members.

Membership application forms are available on the website. There is an annual fee which is set each at the AGM year, and is payable once the application is accepted. Membership entitles you to participate in NZARM activities and benefit from networking with similar interests and background in resource management.

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There are a number of benefits associated with being a member of NZARM:

  • Membership of a recognised professional Association with objectives tied to natural resource management and focussing on land and water management;
  • Networking with others involved in natural resource management, gaining advantages in information sharing and understanding;
  • Receiving ‘Broadsheet’, a four-monthly newsletter. Contributions on a range of topics keeps members up to date with the Association’s activities;
  • Participation in the National Annual Conference and regular regional workshops, which address natural resource management issues in  practical, direct and relevant way;
  • Participate in training programmes focussing on their professional needs;
  • Receive support on matters affecting their professional interest;
  • Access various study grants such as the McCaskill Award;
  • Enjoy links with other relevant associations and societies for information and combined events.  

How to join & what it costs

How to join and what it costs

Although the full membership fee applies irrespective of joining date throughout the year, any new members joining after 1 January in any year who pay $70 within 2 months of being accepted, will have that payment credited as their annual membership fee for the next year.

Membership Type Per annum Paid 1st April – 1 July Paid after 1st July
Partner Organisation Members $65 $65 $65
Ordinary Members $100 $70 $100
Retired Members $20 $20 $20
Student $40 $40 $40











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New Zealand Association of Resource Management,
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New Zealand Association of Resource Management,
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Ready to Join

Ready to join?

Being a member gives you access to a network of well developed resource management practitioners, 
and the ability to engage in hands on learning. So what are you waiting for?

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