NZARM Webinar: Mapping acid sulfate soil risk occurrence in the Waikato Region

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NZARM Webinars - Mapping acid sulfate soil risk occurrence in the Waikato Region

Acid sulfate soils are naturally occurring and usually identified in low lying areas which when left undisturbed and below the groundwater table do not pose a risk to the environment or human health or infrastructure.

However, when soils are drained or excavated or the water table drops significantly during extended dry periods, they can release an acidic leachate which can be transported to groundwater and waterways. This can result in harm to public and private infrastructure due to corrosion of concrete and steel infrastructure below ground level (such as reticulated water networks / pipelines, building foundations etc). It can also result in drinking water contamination, fish kill events and other environmental effects in waterways.

A preliminary geospatial map has been developed for the Waikato region which provides high, medium, low or negligible risk for presence of acid sulfate soils. The intention is that this map will guide future policy and planning around managing the effects of acid drainage discharges associated with disturbance of acid sulfate soils.

Webinar Presenter

Dr Jonathan Caldwell is a Senior Scientist (Environmental Chemist) in the Science section at Waikato Regional Council. He provides science support for the Council’s air quality, contaminated land and diffuse contaminant monitoring programmes and provides advice on environmental chemistry matters in general.

Jonathan started with Waikato Regional Council in January 2007. Prior to this he worked for seven years as a keratin fibre research scientist at the Wool Research Organisation of NZ in Lincoln. He has a DPhil in Chemistry from the University of Waikato.

Contact details:
Waikato Regional Council, Private Bag 3038, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3204


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