NZARM Webinar: Understanding catchment mapping outputs using nationally available LiDAR data

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NZARM Webinars - Understanding catchment mapping outputs using nationally available LiDAR data

The presentation will run through what the publicly available LiDAR datasets are and how they can be used to generate useful outputs. More specifically, the presentation will use the Taranaki region as an example and run through key hydrological & topographical mapping outputs including ephemeral flow paths and their contributing watersheds, erosion prone land and areas of high flow accumulation.

These outputs allow farmers, catchment managers, and council stakeholders to make mitigation decisions for better environmental outcomes. The webinar will also outline how advancements in ArcGIS tools can be incorporated into traditional web maps, making interpretation and decision-making possible by users in an internet browser rather than needing GIS software.

This type of spatial analysis enables outputs at a very detailed scale (up to 1m resolution) and is adaptable to suit a variety of use cases ranging from regional catchment planning to farm scale mitigation mapping. This methodology is also cost effective in comparison to other available tools and processes.

Webinar Presenter

Tom Nation is a Spatial Consultant and director of Collaborations, an applied science consultancy working on a range of environmental projects. Tom has over 15 years experience in environmental spatial analysis, asset and data management, online GIS and technical support. Thomas has experience across a range of GIS systems including the ESRI, Safe, ENVI and Smallworld platforms and has been involved in projects throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Tom's strength is in environmental analysis using spatial data and geoprocessing tools to help unpick environmental challenges. Together with the Collaborations team, Tom has been working with publicly available spatial datasets to produce meaningful outputs for our clients including designing a repeatable and scalable catchment mapping workflow.


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