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New Zealand Water Environment Research Foundation

A not-for-profit organisation aimed at providing national independent
management of research in science, engineering and management practices
in the fields of water, wastewater, stormwater and waste. Its purpose
is to provide national co-ordination of research activities in New
Zealand’s water environment and provide the means to facilitate
and broker research activities between research users, funders and
providers. This includes raising funding and commissioning projects
for research projects with national priority.

The New Zealand Stormwater Directory

The purpose of the directory is to assist those involved in stormwater
management locate stormwater information specific to their requirements.
The site contains a database of stormwater management publications,
some of which will be useful in developing catchment and stormwater
management plans under the Resource Management Act and Local Government
Act. Other resources will be useful in the processing of resource
consent applications, managing stormwater quantity and quality issues,
managing existing stormwater infrastructure more effectively and
designing sustainable stormwater systems.