Conference 2017: Details

Managing soil and water interaction through people and science

The annual NZARM conference is an opportunity for members from across New Zealand to come together to learn, share experience and network with other members.
The theme of this year’s conference is

“Managing soil and water interaction through people and science”. 

The conference will be held over three days – the first day to be held at the Transport Museum in Invercargill, and the following two days are field trips around the region to see the people, land and soil that Southland has to offer. 

The 2017 annual NZARM conference will welcome you in Invercargill from the 10-12 October. 

Join us at Transport World for day one of the conference where you’ll hear from speakers on a global, national and regional scale. Learn more about the innovative science programme happening in Southland. Due to the unique ‘Physiographics of Southland’, the region has been grouped into different zones according to factors such as water origin, soil type, geology and topography. Now being used in the planning and extension areas of Council, recommendations for good on-farm management practices are tailored as each zone is different in the way contaminants build up and move through the soil and aquifers, and into streams and rivers.  

While still at the early stages of the freshwater engagement process, Southland’s catchment groups are setting themselves up and taking a practical approach to promoting and adopting good management practices. 

Every year, more than a million visitors come to admire the beauty of Southland’s environment; from our world heritage parks, internationally recognised wetlands, to our great walks and ancient forests. Rivers traverse the land and spill into the mighty lakes of Te Anau, Manapouri and Hauroko (New Zealand’s deepest lake) and down to internationally recognised estuaries and wetlands before joining the sea where they meet the longest coastline of any region in the country. 

State of the art sporting facilities, successful family businesses and innovative attractions create memories that will be hard to forget. Southland is known for its friendly people, wide open streets and captivating scenery. Conference delegates will be treated to a Southland experience, and we can’t wait to welcome you south to the 2017 NZARM conference at Transport World, Invercargill.