Resource management certification

As approved at the 2014 AGM, there is a small annual charge to cover administration and running costs associated with the Certificate.

  • $20.00 per year for NZARM Certificate;
  • $30.00 per year for NZARM Professional Certificate.

This will be added to the annual invoice for membership subscriptions

NZARM Resource Management Certification – 2013

Under Clause 10 of the New Zealand Association of Resource Management (NZARM) constitution, there is a requirement for maintaining the professional competence of NZARM members. The NZARM Resource Management Certification system addresses that requirement.  The new system was set up in 2010 to replace the Certified Practising Resource Manager (CPRM) system.  The first new NZARM Resource Management Certificates were issued in November 2011.

Applications can be made for the NZARM Resource Management Certificate on the application form and are considered in May of each year.


NZARM Certification Board:

Norm Ngapo (Chairperson)
Alan Campbell
Andy Woolhouse